Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses Houston's Scariest Halloween AttractionHouston Terror Dome Haunted Houses Houston's Scariest Halloween Attraction
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Terror Dome Voodoo Weekend Houston Terror Dome Haunted House Halloween 2011

Houston Terror Dome Haunted House

2 Haunts in 1.
Newly Remodeled Houston Terror Dome Haunted House and Sicko's 3D Freakshow, All in one location

Do other Attractions fail to scare you?  Experience the most terrifying of all Houston haunted houses.  Bring a change of underwear!  You are going to need it!!!  This year we have improved our haunt with new rooms, new effects, and new characters to ensure not even last year's Haunt could prepare you for what's inside.  Whatever you fear, you'll find it in here. The Houston Terror Dome will grab you by the guts and won't let you go, till you run SCREAMING out the other end..........if you make it that far. Tickets available at all SPOOKERS HALLOWEEN SUPER STORES. 


Miltary Discount!
Show your Military ID and get $5 off for up to 2 tickets.

Customer Reviews

These are just a few of the reviews from our customers

"Loved it. Lots of characters! We went a few weeks ago and had a blast! It was so scary we ran out the entrance but the nice guy in charge asked us if we would like one of the employees to go through with us. It make everything lots better, he was nice and cute too! One thing I wish we did was get the vip tickets so we could have gone again. The costume store next door was cool also. We are probably going back today!"

"Took the wifey best one watch kids run like crazy lol"

"I went there with a group of friends, and loved it. Ticket Prices were fair. Plenty of parking. Great experience. I have been to other haunted houses ( Phobia, Scream World ) and this was by far the best. The others were a rip off."

"FINALLY a night without the kids & wanted to have some fun! Hubby & I had a blast!! Kuddos!!! Love this place! Scary!!!"

"This place will make you run out screaming your head off need to visit!!"

"Scared the &!$% out of me....lots of fun"

"Amazing! Great makeup, fantastic actors; all in all an amazing experience. Highly recommended."

"Great house!!! Been to every single haunted house in Houston, some of them suck. This one did not! Go! :D"

"Awesome!! Watch out at the end"

"Scared the &#$& out of me these guys play their part well, way worth $20, absolutely terrifying, loved it"

"Awesome hunted house"

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Questions and Answers

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.

Can children under 12 enter?
Yes they may, however we don't recommend it.

Where can I get some of the masks and costumes I saw the characters wear?
Most of them are available in Spookers Halloween warehouse.

Are any of the props real?
Everything in our attraction is a hollywood quality prop designed to be safe.  Anything that is real has been disabled to ensure safety.

Is it safe?
Yes we have taken great care to ensure there are no sharp edges or anything to trip on.

Are there any effects that will get you wet?
There are no effects that will splash you with water or blood.  We wouldn't want to cause stains on your clothes.

Terror Dome Rules

Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses Houston's Scariest Halloween Attraction

Houston Terror Dome Haunted Houses
Houston's Scariest Halloween Attraction
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